Because of our high level of experience, knowledge and expertise, ICF Specialist is the number one installer of ICF products in the entire southwest. The strong, lightweight construction of ICFs is ideal for any project. ICF Specialist has experience with a wide range of construction projects, from tall wall ICF construction to small home additions. Our company has completed over 30 commercial projects and over 50 residential projects, for a combined square footage of over 1 million square feet. ICF has worked on projects as small as safe rooms and as large as a 100,000 square foot school.

About ICF Specialist

For us, no project is too small or too large. We also have a very large staff, enabling us to work on multiple projects at once.

Our goal is to educate the masses about what a great product ICFs are. They are better for both the consumer and the environment. We are proud to work with a product that both saves you money and helps save our environment.

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