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We serve all of Southern California’s I.C.F needs

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Our Most Qualified Installer Is The Number One Installer for Insulated Concrete Forms in Southern California.

Penna Construction Inc. is a concrete & I.C.F specialist. They have been in the construction business at the same location in Capistrano Beach since 1956 and have an outstanding track record of providing their customers with quality solutions, exceptional service and excellent craftsmanship.

If you have any inquiries or want to contact our most qualified ICF installer, visit Penna Construction’s website.

We are Southern California's largest dealer of Insulated Concrete Wall Systems in North America.

With heating and cooling costs accounting for 48% of a homes energy bill and more than 25,000 structure destroyed annually by wildfires Insulated Concrete Form Wall Systems provide an extremely energy efficient building envelope offering superior strength, sound, and air quality.

We have the knowledge and ability to provide any ICF Wall System for your project.

iSpan is our newest composite floor joist system. It is the most advanced solution to the elevated floor construction challenge.

SPAN TABLES are based on Vibration-Control, this is an important feature for making floors more comfortable for the occupants. The Dovetail Deck provides continuous-composite-action over the joists, this reduces (and mostly eliminates) cracks in the floor above the joists. For seismic conditions TOTALJOIST provides a simple method to collect floor loads at the perimeter of the floor and transfer them into the support system.

What makes Composite TOTALJOIST efficient is that it only requires a 3” slab (just 2 5/8” of concrete required), from bottom of deck to top of slab. Also no wire mesh is required, providing the prescribed Fiber Mesh is used, this saves time and money.

We are now supplying a horizontal solution, lowering our carbon footprint with a paving alternative.

Maintaining our advocacy in sustainability, we are now supplying a horizontal solution, lowering our carbon footprint with a paving alternative. This high strength, 100% post-consumer recycled product can eliminate unnecessary water catchment. It also reduces traditional asphalt or flatwork costs while maintaining vehicle compression strength at a competitive price. Add a sleek look to your property without sacrificing square footage. TrueGrid is the worlds strongest permeable pacers. There is nothing on the road too heavy for TrueGrid to handle. Got heavy loads or need help with stormwater management? Trucks, rigs, or a high volume of automobiles? Commercial, industrial or retail site? Roadway, truck yard or parking lot? Need to delineate your parking? We have the permeable paver that fits your application.