You have heard about the benefits of building with Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls for years. ICF’s are proven energy efficient products that have been well documented to significantly reduce heating and cooling loads in buildings. These products are typically foam stay-in-place concrete forms specified for projects designed to provide high performance building envelope walls.

4 Reasons to choose ICF:

Stronger and Safer
Energy Efficiency
Sound Reduction
Construction Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

What is ICF?

Insulated Concrete Form are a High Performance Wallsystem consisting of interlocking, lightweight, expanded polystyrene forms. Designed to be an integral part of the wall, the forms remain in place after the concrete is poured. The insulating capacity of expanded polystyrene coupled with the structural integrity of reinforced concrete is a powerful combination — it makes walls stronger, safer, more quite and more energy efficient. In test after test, ICF walls meet or exceed standards set by building codes. Add our talented and service-oriented technical support network to our excellent products and it’s clear Insulated Concrete Forms are the Total Building Solution for your building project.

Why Choose Insulted Concrete Forms (ICF)?

Products to build your future with your new home or commercial construction project speaks volumes about your values and aspirations — your commitment to better living. The ICF Wallsystem outperforms other construction methods with its structural integrity, energy efficiency, sound reduction, and wind and fire resistance.


Forming Solutions rents alignment to support Fox Blocks built walls and provide support for customers using ICF’s. Our custom alignment system features an adjustable post to get plum walls every time throughout the building process. It also doubles as a scaffold system to make pouring concrete at higher points in the wall a breeze. All rated to Fox Blocks manufacturing specifications and OSHA approved.



SPAN TABLES are based on Vibration-Control, this is an important feature for making floors more comfortable for the occupants. The Dovetail Deck provides continuous-composite-action over the joists, this reduces (and mostly eliminates) cracks in the floor above the joists. For seismic conditions TOTALJOIST provides a simple method to collect floor loads at the perimeter of the floor and transfer them into the support system.

What makes Composite TOTALJOIST efficient is that it only requires a 3” slab (just 2 5/8” of concrete required), from bottom of deck to top of slab. Also no wire mesh is required, providing the prescribed Fiber Mesh is used, this saves time and money.


Hambro designs, fabricates and sells a concrete floor system designed primarily for the multi-family housing and commercial construction markets. Hambro’s concrete floor system fits perfectly with a variety of wall types: Masonry, Steel Frame, Metal Stud, Pre-Cast Walls, ICF blocks and Wood Walls.

Combining Hambro steel joists with poured concrete, the system consists of hybrid concrete/steel T-beams running in one direction and an integrated continuous slab in the other. The bottom chord acts as a tension member in the concreting stage and during the service life of the floor. The web system, tying top and bottom chords together consists of bent rods and resists vertical shear in a conventional truss manner. The patented 13 gauge top chord acts as a compression member during the non-composite stage.

In the composite stage, the top chord is embedded in the concrete and functions as a high chair, developing negative moment capacity in the concrete slab which behaves as a continuous one-way reinforced slab. Check out the latest southern California project to see the application methods.



Maintaining our advocacy in sustainability, we are now supplying a horizontal solution, lowering our carbon footprint with a paving alternative. This high strength, 100% post-consumer recycled product can eliminate unnecessary water catchment. It also reduces traditional asphalt or flatwork costs while maintaining vehicle compression strength at a competitive price. Add a sleek look to your property without sacrificing square footage. TrueGrid is the worlds strongest permeable pacers. There is nothing on the road too heavy for TrueGrid to handle. Got heavy loads or need help with stormwater management? Trucks, rigs, or a high volume of automobiles? Commercial, industrial or retail site? Roadway, truck yard or parking lot? Need to delineate your parking? We have the permeable paver that fits your application.



For more than 20 years, Wind-lock has supplied the construction market with the tools and accessories to get the job done right, on time and on-budget. As a proven leader in supplying advanced building solutions to the EIFS, Stone and Stucco markets, we applied this leadership mentality to the emerging ICF and SIP markets, weatherization and now drywall and interiors.