greenhouseForming Solutions is proud to be a part of the green building community. At Forming Solutions we have a phenomenal team of individuals that constantly push the development of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), Composite Floor Systems and other products we feel are the most beneficial and cost efficient for building smart.

ICFs are unique in the building industry as the amount of waste created using them is virtually ZERO. Most traditional construction jobs can end up creating upwards of 15% construction waste which ends up for the most part in landfills. The patented building methods that we implement generate only about 1% waste; this is due to the specialized, systematic approach we take to building with ICFs and the versatile forms that our preferred ICF manufacturer Fox Blocks provides. The little waste that is created can be recycled and adheres to all environmental laws with extremely low emissions of carbon do to the high concentration of 98% air/water integrated into the polystyrene foam.

Fox Blocks has developed the most eco friendly system of recycling plastic waste to create the high density plastic webbing found in each Fox Blocks form. We want to take that idea one step further and are currently looking into methods to re-use and re-purpose the excess foam from job sites. Although our waste is already very low at 1% and below, we strive to always achieve NET ZERO waste.

Achieving NET ZERO waste is possible for us because of our collaboration with Marko Foam. Marko creates unique surfboard blanks out of EPS and alternative foam products. Their process starts with grinding down EPS foam to re-mold it into a surfboard. Since their products come from 100% recycled materials, we are happy to contribute our 1% waste of EPS foam from our job sites to help Marko make more boards!